sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

my song, literally.

Everything I do
Surrounds these pieces of my life
That often change
Or maybe I've changed

Sometimes seeming happy
Can be self-destructive
Even when you're sane
Or you're only insane
But don't bother waking me today

Here I am
I'm so young
I know I've been bitter,
I've been jaded, I'm alone

Everyday I bite my tongue
If you only knew
My mind was full of razors
To cut you like a
Word if only sung

But this is my song
It is my song

I live everyday
Like there'll never be a last one
Till they're gone
And they're gone
But I'm too proud to beg
For your attention and your friendship
And your time
So you can come and get it from now on

(Brandi Carllie)