terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

Da necessidade de um banho...

...de sal grosso.

Porque as bad trips tão grudadas em mim de um jeeeito. Eu heim!

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

So maybe I've got a lot to learn
Or maybe I'm just hanging on my words
Or maybe it's not a big concern
But if I raised my hand
Would I understand why I'm better with you?
So maybe there's not a lot to say
Or maybe I'm wrong doing things my way
Or maybe things will be okay
If I get it together
And do somethingclever
But make it better with you

So tell me where did I go wrong before you
Before you came along
Well, it seems like I was lost
You showed me how to do things right
Now I'm so glad that now you're mine
So let me say it all again...

So maybe there's not a lot to do
Or maybe I'm just making myself confused
Or maybe I've got nothing to lose
But if I get out of line,
Just tell me you're mine,
And how I'm better with you

So use me, don't let me screw it up
I believe you and I need your touch
Just a little spice of you
Could never be too much
I believe you and I need you now
To make it better some how
You make it better some how.
(Five August Times.)
É ISSO, por mais incrível que pareça.. é essa música que traduz o momento. :)